A Masterclass In The Ancient Art of Leather Gilding

+ BONUS - 62 Design KNOTWORK ART Download

Learn to Gild, Embellish & Finish, Your Leather Armours, Costumes & Accessories

Part of the 'Behind The Forge" series of behind the scenes videos, this full length course looks in greater detail at the techniques & processes involved in the "Gilded" embellishment of my designs that take projects to a whole new level of quality.

Every Stage explained in detail, with constant professional guidance as you progress.  With over an hour of Demonstrations,  Explanations & Including a Professional Tips & Tricks to make your designs stand out.

  • 1 Hour 20 Mins of Step by Step, Video Demos
  • Detailed Accompanying Digital eWorkBook
  • Full Online Academy Class Support this class
  • + BONUS 62 Norse/Celtic Knotwork Designs (Digital Download) (worth $39.97)

Take Your Finished Creations "A Step Further"

Give Your Designs The Final Touch They Deserve... That "Something Special" That Stands Out From The Crowd... 

NO MORE guessing how to achieve this "sought after" finish my clients request all the time...… 

In easy to follow simple steps, I break it all down...  Including:

  • Tools Required - The Few Tools Required To Achieve This Stunning Effect
  • Material Choices - The "Pros & Cons" Of using, Leaf, Foil & Paints 
  • Finishing Techniques - How to Protect Your Final Effect from Wear & Tear
  •  The History & Background Of This Art


The FULL collection of 16 Digital Sheets (62 Designs) of Norse/Viking/Celtic theme ART Drawings Designed by Black Raven Armoury 

Ruth – USA

Well thought out modules that enable the student to absorb and reflect on each topic. Great support and feedback from Alex and other students. Enjoying it a lot.

Teresa – USA

I love that you can go at your own pace and there is no pressure or time constraints. So affordable too! If I could give it 10 stars I would! 

Possum – USA

Well designed course for learning at your own pace. Videos are well done and concepts are explained thoroughly through video and practical instruction.

Ron – Canada

I am THOROUGHLY enjoying the webinars and course material that are a part of this course. My skills as a leathercrafter are going through the roof as a result of what I am learning. An honest, well earned 5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommended.




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What You Get:
  • 1 Hour 20 Mins of Step by Step, Video Demos
  • Detailed Accompanying Downloadable Digital eWorkBook
  • 12 Month Full Online Academy Class Support
  • + BONUS 62 Norse/Celtic Knotwork Designs (Digital Download) (worth $39.97)

 PLEASE NOTE: As with all immediately available digital content, once downloaded this product is NON REFUNDABLE 


Jeremy – USA

Beyond inspirational. This course from start to finish is the pure definition of learning the craft to its fullest potential.

Zachary – USA

Very impressive work. If I could, I would hire you to make me something for the start of a collection.

Matt – UK

Great course, lots of content and clear instruction. Alex’ passion really shines through and the pace is very gentle. Heartily recommended.

Mike – USA

Comprehensive Curriculum with Emphasis on Original Design. The “Tips and Tricks” that come with Years of Experience are a Great Asset to those willing to take the time to Learn.
Thank You Alex.