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In the Black Raven Academy, I’ll show you everything you need to know to start crafting leather armour and costumes, BUT FIRST ...  let's get you started by introducing you to a couple of my Patterns

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Even if you’re an absolute beginner, I know only too well, much comes down to lack of  "Confidence" sometimes, "Guidance" ... Often "Time" and most commonly "Budget"....

Which is why, I wanted to give you something of REAL value, to help get you started... But rather than just a pattern & instructions, full guidance when it comes to the builds & a ton of suggestions on how to do this on a budget !!


"The perfect introduction into becoming a student with me in the Academy"

Think if this as your first step...and while you bring these to life.. Maybe at some point, you'll start to wonder what it could be like to design and create your own Armour designs... 

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Ever Dreamt of Designing or Creating Your Own Leather Armours, Costumes & Accessories ?

Dip your toes with these FREE patterns as hundreds before you have done, but be warned.... This whole hobby is like pandoras box !!!! 20+ years on, I love the craft more than ever !!

Just a glimpse into a few of the projects students have pushed out over the last three years .... Everyone from Total Beginners to Seasoned Pros


About Alex Agricola

Founder of  Black Raven Armoury,  The Black Raven Academy & Author of The Crystal Anvil

Born in the U.K. and currently based in the historical English town of Stratford Upon Avon, Alex currently heads up one of the most respected teams of creators in the world, specialising in the design and production of Leather Armour, Costume & Accessories for a variety of industries including, Ren, Larp, SCA, Cosplay, Motion Pictures & Television.

His dream has always been to share his lifelong passion for designing & crafting leather armours & Costumes with like-minded folks, which he now does with thousands of students from around the world.