The Question I get asked most ... "So Where Do I Start"


 "Deep Breath"....... 

"So where do I start" .... Such a huge question..... and even now, 3 years on almost to the day, since I launched the pre-sign ups to the Academy, it's still by far the subject that gets brushed past by so many .... and yet, by far the most important question that needs answering..

Yes, I'll get to the the "hands on leather" side of things, but this really is the legwork that makes the difference 🙂  

In many ways... it's one of the biggest reasons I felt it important to even get a Blog going, because in my experience, way too much focus gets put on the final "leatherworking" side of things... and nowhere near enough on all the "Pre-Work" that can literally make the difference between costly mistakes and a multitude of reworking disasters, later down the line...

So today... the first of a series of written blogs,videos, demos and simple sharing of my thoughts.... Beginning with this snippet of segments taken from Module 1 of my main course.

A HUGE challenge stuffing over a hours worth of thinking, into just under 4 mins, which is why, I'm going to follow this up with more of the thought processes I use next time... and have to admit, I'll be interested to read about our students experiences applying these processes & how they've helped them evolve their thinking and approach... 

Anyway... for now, wanted to avoid boring you all with a thesis (bear with me... never blogged before 😂)

Hope you enjoy... or at the very least provoke some thoughts and questions.

- Alex 
Black Raven Armoury

COMING NEXT......  "How to Expand Your Creativity with a Few Simple Steps"


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