The Black Raven Academy  

Your Journey Begins

Ever Dreamt of Designing and Making your own Leather Armour, Costume or Accessories, Maybe You've considered a career in the world of wardrobe or leather working?

Well.... Now's your chance


From Concept

For over two and a half decades, Alex Agricola, founder of Black Raven Armoury has dedicated himself to a life of study in the art of Leather Crafting Armour. A lifetime of passion & creativity that feeds the soul

To Creation

Each creation a culmination of years of self study, trial and error along with the sharing of ideas and client vision. From beginning to end, each project brought to life, step by step, piece by piece, each a unique vision..

With Passion

Now, Alex wants to share his passion, his learning, his complete ethos and process. Via The Academy, the worlds first comprehensive, Step by Step guided journey imparting a lifetime of learning is being offered .

“Take your first guided steps with confidence"

A Lifetime of Learning Shared

Have you ever considered make your own Armour or considered a career in the world of costuming, wardrobe or leather working?

Well For over 20 years thats been the dream for us too. Driven by the passion of Designer & Armourer Alex Agricola, Black Raven Armoury have developed into one of the most creative teams of costume professionals in the world.

Supplying tens of thousands of customers worldwide, not to mention countless Film, TV and stage productions Black Raven Armoury has earned a reputation for not just its creativity, but a real sense of care in the way it looks after its clients.

Whether bringing clients dream armour to life, or dress the stars of productions, I've had the privilege of living the dream first hand..

Now it's YOUR turn

Whether you are completely new to crafting, or an old pro, just looking to experience a little alternative thinking, The Academy has been developed with the sole purpose of leading you gently through that maze of options.

No matter your starting level, you will be led hand in hand, by Alex through the entire the process.

The Vision

It's taken a lifetime of lessons, more hours of research than hot dinners and more blood sweat and tears to reach this point. Dedication being just one ingredient among many, there are a whole host of skills one needs to succeed in this industry but above all others.... PASSION.
"The Academy is finally my chance to realise a lifetime dream of not only bringing a likeminded community together to share a pool of knowledge, but to also share the learning and experience across a variety of skill sets, starting with the subject closest to my own heart...

I've made my way as an artist mostly by trial and error & by supplying thousands of avid fans over the last 25+ years. I was amazed at the lack of signposts and information when I started & even now, despite the likes of Youtube, there are still so many huge gaps. This course is the course I wished I  could have accessed back  when I was starting out and very much hope it will be as rewarding to complete as it was to make.”

Alex Agricola
Founder Black Raven Armoury & The Academy


Have you ever wanted to make your own Armour or considered a career in the world of costuming, wardrobe or leather working? Maybe your you're passionate about LARP, Cosplay or Ren fairs ? or maybe you dream about working in the film industry. Then your in the right place...


A little Gift for everyone ...

With the current health crisis around the world I wanted to give folks a little something to focus their creative minds .. so… I’m giving away some of my patterns to anyone who’d like them.