Begin The Lifelong Adventure Of Creating Your Own Leather Armour, Costume & Accessories

I have lost count how many times I've been asked if I was ever going to put any of my teaching or guidance into print and admittedly, it's taken 4 years getting it just right... The balance of something usable both in the workshop as a walk though, while also something as a ready reference on your bookshelf... The result being the most Detailed IN DEPTH, collection of techniques, shared and explained ever.....

Originally only offered as part of our main course, but now combining elements of the workbooks from my main course and hours of previously unseen video footage & photographs from both past projects going back over 25+ years


A Professional Glimpse Into The Entire Design & Leather Armour & Costume Crafting Process

- Armour & Costume Design Principles (How To Design & Replicate)
- Step by Step Pattern Making including Sizing & Scaling
- How to take a design from Concept to Practical Construction (and make sure  you can move in it !!!)
- EVA Foam & Leather Prototyping & construction techniques
- Computer Aided Design & Pattern Use
- Types of Leather Materials & Their Uses
- Tools Types, Techniques & Uses
- Leather Tooling & Embossing Techniques
- Leather Hardening & Forming to Shape
- Leather Coloring, Distressing, Gilding & Finishing (Leather stains, Dyes, Paints, Sealers, Waxes and Gilding Methods)
- How to apply all these techniques to being usable with Leather, Foam, Fabric & Metal 

232 full colours pages of step by step guidance, hundreds of techniques covering both leather & Eva foam… with over 450 images AND… 30 Video excerpt demos, taken from my courses..and so much more than "just another guide" for Leather & Costuming … 


Just a glimpse into a few of the projects students have pushed out over the last three years .... Everyone from Total Beginners to Seasoned Pros

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About The Author

Alex Agricola

Founder of  Black Raven Armoury,  The Black Raven Academy & Author of both The Crystal Anvil & LEATHERCRAFTING – A step by Step, Beginners Guide to Creating Leather Armour, Costume & Accessories for Ren Events, SCA, LARP, Cosplay, Film & Theatre

Born in the U.K. and currently based in the historical English town of Stratford Upon Avon, Alex currently heads up one of the most respected teams of creators in the world, specialising in the design and production of Leather Armour, Costume & Accessories for a variety of industries including, Ren, Larp, SCA, Cosplay, Motion Pictures & Television.

His dream has always been to share his lifelong passion for designing & crafting leather armours & Costumes with like-minded folks, which he now does with thousands of students from around the world.