The Academy Online  Courses

A Beginners Masterclass in Leather Armour, Costume & Accessories

A one of a kind step by step online Learning Program, teaching you how to design & Create your own Leather Armour, Costume & Accessories.  Every Stage explained in detail, with constant professional guidance as you progress.  Over 20 Hours of Demonstrations, Explanations & In Depth Professional Tips & Tricks

  • 12 easy-to-follow Online Classes (Modules are Unlocked Every 4 and 5 Days for 8 Weeks)
  • Over 20+ Hours of Step by Step, Video Demos
  • Armour Design, Tool use & Leather Types, Where To Source Materials & Tools, Pattern Making, Leather Tooling, Water Forming & Leather Hardening, Colouring, Gilding & Finishing
  • No Deadlines for Completion, All Videos & Content Can be Watched & Read as often as you wish
  • 12 Digital eWorkBooks
  • 9 Guidance Practice Patterns + 5 Bonus Exclusive Pieces of Knotwork Art
  • Final Certification
  • No Subscriptions & 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Bonus 9 Practice Armour Patterns (From Module 6)
  • Bonus 5 Exclusive Norse Knotworks (From Module 1)
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • + BONUS 62 Norse/Celtic Knotwork Designs (Digital Download) (Unlocked Module 12) (worth $39.97) Exclusive to this Bundle
  • + BONUS 5 FULL Master Range Patterns (Unlocked Module 12) (worth $150+) Includes Shield Maiden Exclusive to this Bundle

The Black Raven Codex

Learn how to create your own Norse themed knotwork Art.

A unique speed design system, developed by Alex Agricola, that will enable you to create professional level knotwork designs in minutes, rather than HOURS.  

  • 48 Pre designed knotwork components to create your own original designs
  • Learn how to create Knotwork designs based on historical themes
  • Learn how to Personalise the Codex components to fit your projects.
  • A complete creative thinking process when it comes to taking a concept from art to life
  • Real world practical considerations when it comes to translating a picture to pattern
  • Mix styles and themes, blending ideas seamlessly into a cohesive design.
  • Access to 144 professionally crafted illustrations.

A Masterclass in Leather Gilding Course

Learn to Gild, Embelish & Finish, Your Leather Armours, Costumes & Accessories Part of the 'Behind The Forge" series of behind the scenes videos. 

This full length course looks in greater detail at the techniques & processes involved in the "Gilded" embellishment of my designs that take projects to a whole new level of quality. Every Stage explained in detail, with constant professional guidance as you progress. With over an hour of Demonstrations, Explanations & Including a Professional Tips & Tricks to make your designs stand out.

  • 1 Hour 20 Mins of Step by Step, Video Demos
  • Detailed Accompanying Digital eWorkBook
  • Full Online Academy Class Support 
  • + BONUS 62 Norse/Celtic Knotwork Designs (Digital Download) (worth $39.97)

The Black Raven Armoury Academy